Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ocean Poster

In our class we did posters about a ocean. We got to chose from Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. I chose the Pacific Ocean, it stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the Southern Ocean. The ocean's western border touches Asia and Australia while its eastern border touches North and South America.

Revolting Recipes

Ingredients                                                           You will need
eggs                                                                      2 bowls
50g butter                                                             1 mixing spoon 
1 cup of sugar                                                       1 Sieve
3 capsicums                                                          Frying pan
2 cups of sprinkles                                               weigh
1 pickle                                                                 oven
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
3 bags of m&ms
1 whole bottle of chocolate sauce
1 teaspoon of baking soda
3 carrots
Bottle of food colouring (your choice)
cooking spray
1.sieve flour, baking soda and sugar into a bowl.
2.cut the capsicum,carrots,pickles into small pieces.
3.Add sprinkles, cut capsicum, cut carrots and cut pickles into the dry ingredients and
4.Weigh and melt 50g of butter then pour it into the other bowl.
5.Mix 2 eggs and milk into the melted butter.
6.Pour dry ingredients and food colouring into wet ingredients and mix.
7.Spray your pan with cooking spray
8.Turn the stove onto high and pour some of the pancake mix onto the frying pan and cook on one side till it makes bubbles on the top, then flip it and wait two minutes
9.Twist the lid off the chocolate sauce and pour it on the pancakes
10.Open the 3 bags of m&ms and dump them on the pancakes.

Now you have your amazing pancakes that you will  not like but your trash will like it.

In class we were doing revolting recipes, where you take something you know how to make and put revolting ingredients in it. Like a cupcake, put fish and salt in it boom you have a "ocean themed"

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Science Experiment

Today we did a science experiment about ice, salt and dye. Each table got a bowl and three round ice balls. Miss Drummond pored red dye over the ice balls, when she pored the dye we had to write down what we noticed and if we had any questions. Next she pored  green dye and again we had to record what we noticed and if we have any questions. The last thing we did was put salt on it, when we did that it gave it a very rough texture. After we did all of that we went outside and each table got to throw one of the ice balls. We found out that big ice ball + a lot of salt = big smash.

Acrostic Poem About My Teacher



I did this poem about my amazing teacher because she is the best teacher in the world!!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Egg Sitting

In my class we did egg sitting. Basically we got an egg and had to look after it for the week. You had to give the egg warmth, oxygen and you could not leave it alone, you could either leave it with a trust worthy babysitter or bring it with you to where ever you are going. Some people broke theirs on the first day but I didn't, my egg survived the week. My egg's home had some posters, a fridge and a bed mad, out of socks, tissues and handkerchiefs.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

R.E Slide About Lydia

In my class we are learning about the early people of the church and that's why Alana and I did this slide. The slide is about Lydia of the purple dye trade. I learned a lot of things from this slide, one of them was that Lydia was the first person baptised by Paul.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Water Filter Experiment

Today we did a water filter experiment. Alana and I were partners. First we got our containers. One had a hole and the other didn't. Next we had a choice of bark, sand, cotton balls and paper towels to use as our filters. We had to test the filters individually so we can see which are the best to use for our competition filter. Alana and I chose paper towels and cotton balls, it worked okay because it got all the dirt out but it still was a bit discoloured.